still have questions?

Why should I subscribe to ten top?

Uh, it's like a personal shopper to pick out cookbooks specifically for you based on your cooking style, favorite restaurant or personal cookbook uses - some people just like to flip through and look at the photos for inspiration. Plus, a subscription gets you excited to read and cook new recipes, so you might actually do more of it. And that’s a good thing!

How do I know I’ll like the books you feature?

Well, we have a pretty good track record of choosing great books for people with different schedules, tastes and cooking abilities. You can cancel at any time, so there’s no risk in trying a book or two.

Are the books new releases?

We will try and send out newly released books but subscriptions might include some old favorites that we think everyone should have. 

What if I already have the monthly selected cookbook?

We will send out an email about a week before they ship letting you know what book you will receive. If you already own it, you can skip or request another book to be selected by our cookbook experts. 

What if I don’t need a cookbook every month?

Funny thing is, many of our members don’t either. You can chose from a variety of subscriptions or chose to skip a shipment or keep it as is.

Can I add on extra books?

Yes! If you’re into other books on our site, you can add as many books as you like from the a la carte section. Choose from recent releases, old favorites or from our top ten book list.

Is this one of those things where I have to do crazy things to cancel?

Ugh, no. You’re committed to nothing, you’re allowed to skip, and you can cancel at any time without it being weird. Just contact us. We promise we’ll answer and be nice about it.